House Tracker 5000
Track presence of keys or other small devices and temperature.

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Need an easy way to tell if someone is home? A way that preserves privacy since they can easily make it appear they are not home? Keep loosing your keys around the house? Can't find your keys and wonder if you left them at home? Anyways, whats the temperature like at home right now? These are all things the House Tracker 5000 can help with.


Figure 1: A KiCad render of the front of the PCB.


Figure 2: A KiCad render of the back of the PCB.


It's a simple idea, add to your keyring a 3.5mm jack with a DS18B20 wired in. When it's plugged into the PCB then an WeMos D1 mini tracks it's presence based off the unique ID and updates a webpage with the temperature and when it was plugged in.

You might even be able to guess at outside temperature based on the reported temperature when the device is first plugged in.

I've yet to design the reporting webpage but plan to log time out, time in and temperature every so often. It's powered from the USB port on the WeMos so power usage is not a concern. There is also a SPI header, a serial header and power pins.



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Date: 4th of Fenuary 2024

Author: Ali Raheem

Email: blog@shoryuken.me

Created: 2024-02-04 Sun 21:16