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Just a simple blog to have somewhere to keep notes.


Reversing with Ghidra
A brief introduction to using the NSA free Ghidra reverse engineering tools as well as more familiar FOSS tools like Binwalk to extract encryption keys and jailbreak a wifi router.

Hardware and Software

Transistor Amplifier PCB
A versitile PCB layout for prototyping transistor amplifiers, covers most toplogies. Easily home etchable, versitile, chainable for multistage amplifiers.
Simple PIC Clock
A simple PIC based clock with a 7 segment display intended to be driven by a tuning fork oscillator.
Active Bandpass Filter
A simple dual opamp (LM358LV) based bandpass filter based on two RC networks.
Fan Controller
Power 4 PC fans with this board using a 12v supply. This board is untested.
House Tracker 5000
Simple home monitoring system.


Tor Relay
This server also runs a Tor relay.
Most of my code is available over on Github.


I aim to release all the hardware on this site under Open Source Hardware Association compatible licenses (usually Creative Commons By Attribution and Share Alike) and software under the GNU General Public License 3.0. But if you need a particular license or declaration feel free to contact me via email.

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Created: 2024-02-04 Sun 21:09